Client Success Stories

“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” -Aristotle

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Steven's Story

Steven came to me quite stressed. He had a new wife and baby and had  just lost his million dollar football contract due to his performance. Like a true professional, he followed my instructions and within 4 weeks he had his contract back.

Brigette's Surprise for Her Sister

Brigette came to me wanting to solve stress and learn how to manifest. Her sister urgently needed a house for her family. She wanted it by the water. Brigette manifested it for her, without her knowing and it happened in a couple of weeks.

Dom's Story

Dom came to me with stress and anxiety. He took a course with me and says that it has helped him to learn how to control it. It also taught him the power of positive thinking and that “I have the ability to manifest anything I desire.”

Christine's Windfall

Christine came to me needing to raise funds to meet her needs. She raised $12K in a space of 48hrs out of nowhere. She is now a believer that she can manifest anything.

Anne's Relief

Anne came to me riddled with anxiety and allergies. She took a course with me and within 4 weeks she was anxiety and allergy free.  By following what I have taught her, she is a much freer and happier person for it! 

Mario Triples His Income

Mario came to me wanting to learn how to manifest more in his life. Within 6 weeks he had tripled his income and became CFO of his company.

Kylie's Joy

Kylie came to me extremely stressed and had not had her menses for quite some time and was wanting a child. Within the first week they had returned and she and her husband now have a happy healthy girl.

Elizabeth's Pay Rise

Elizabeth took a course with me wanting to learn how to meditate and manifest. Within a week she had received the $10K payrise she wanted.

Angela's First Child

Angela and her husband contacted me and had been trying to get pregnant for months. After a few weeks, it was calculated that it was within the first week of seeing me they were pregnant with their first child!

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